Bioterrorism: How to Survive the 25 Most Dangerous Weapons of Biological Warfare

Pamela Weintraub


Book Cover
ISBN: 0806523980

Paperback, 236pp

March 2002

Kensington Publishing Corporation



This May Be the Most Important Book You Will Ever Own.

In the event of a biological attack, would you know what to do to protect your family? This lifesaving, comprehensive survival guide reveals all you need to know about the top risks, their symptoms and treatments, how to avoid the greatest dangers, where to go for products and medications, and how to keep your family safe-at home, in the office, or at school-from the most feared weapons of biological warfare, including:

  • Anthrax
  • Smallpox
  • Botulism
  • Ebola
  • Q Fever
  • Plague
  • Venezuelan Encephalitis
  • Cholera
  • Yellow Fever
  • Tularemia
  • and fifteen other deadly diseases

With detailed, up-to-the-minute reference section on medical sources, antibiotics, HEPA filter masks, and other crucial information, this calm, clear, authoritative guide is an indispensable resource for these uncertain times, when the first line of defense against bioterrorism is knowledge.