Medical Emergency!: The St. Luke's-Roosevelt Book of Emergency Medicine

Stephen Lynn, Pamela Weintraub


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Here at last is the guide to preparedness for medical emergencies of every kind. In clear, authoritative language the book presents information and advice on recognizing and preparing for a wide range of medical emergencies - from pediatric, geriatric, and recreational injuries to rape trauma and psychiatric emergencies. Medical Emergency! includes a wealth of sample forms, checklist, tips, and information-packed vignettes, and covers dozens of vital topics such as: 36 symptoms that should bring you to the Emergency Department and what to expect once you get there; when it's best to stay home; emergency 9-1-1 tips that can save your life; how to advocate for yourself in the ambulance and in the Emergency Department; when to take your child to the Emergency Department; 24 medical emergencies that take women to the Emergency Department; symptoms you might miss in detecting emergencies of the elderly; the most common sports injuries and their treatment; recognizing serious mental illness; and lifesaving techniques for victims of trauma and heart attack.



Product Details:


ISBN: 0688136796


Format: Paperback, 385pp


Pub. Date: February 1996


Publisher: Hearst Books