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Editor in Chief of Omni Internet from 1996-1998. Conceived and directed the transformation of the print version of Omni Magazine into this multi-award-winning web site at the dawn of the Internet era. Omni Internet, one of the largest and most popular content destinations of the day, delivered a living, web-based journalism of interactive, real-time content and communities, including OMNI Prime Time, consisting of six nightly web shows a week, on topics ranging from health to anomalies to the environment, with a name guest for each production.

The launch of Omni Internet was covered in Media Week in 1996. The post-mortem appeared on Newsweek International's web site in 1998.

Entrepreneurial Efforts

After converting OMNI Magazine into OMNI Internet, I went on to found three Internet companies with an assortment of partners:

  • Event Horizon Web Productions, Inc.: Think-Tank for the Web. Event Horizon specialized in sci-tech content and idea incubation. Through Event Horizon, I was selected to present business plans at major Venture Conferences and launched multiple web ventures, including an award-winning webzine and a company that received millions of dollars in funding and still exists. I also produced live web events at Event Horizon, including an online science fiction convention and an online book tour. Web event clients included Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Avon Books, Newsweek International, and Warner Books. The launch of Event Horizon was covered by Folio First Day and Salon. Event Horizon also recreated, maintained and updated the website of OMNI from 1998 to the present day.

  • Tools for Health, Inc. I was the founding president of this Event Horizon spin-off, created to foster communication between patients and doctors. Tools for Health was recipient of millions of dollars in venture funds and is currently subsumed in the larger entity, Livevox.

  • Divorce Central, one of the three largest web sites on the topic of divorce, was launched in February, 1997 based on the concept of a self-sustaining community and content from my book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Surviving Divorce. Divorce Central, with a large and loyal membership, provides a small, steady income. I maintain it in collaboration with my co-author on the Idiot's Guide, Terry Hillman.

  • Event Horizon: SF, Fantasy, Horror. I was co-founder of this award-winning fiction and film webzine, 1998-1999.

Omni Internet

Other Web sites that I designed include:

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