Event Horizon Web Productions

Event Horizon Web Productions, Inc., was founded in 1997 by one of the first and most acclaimed web content teams, the group that converted the famed science magazine, OMNI, into the massive, multi award-winnning web site, OMNI INTERNET. Given our special expertise in creative content, including sci-tech and the arts, we aim to fill a gap that existed back then and persists to this day: Taking sophisticated, often complex, content and rendering lucid, cutting edge, sometimes edgy web arenas. Always eye-catching and stylish, our work is notable for the same editorial excellence one can often obtain only through the top publishing houses in New York. Trained in that world, we deliver a level of quality rare among production companies on the web.

Our signature includes deep interactive elements, ranging from registered communities to mailing lists, live net events, and moderated or open chats. For clients interested in communication modules enabling secure interaction with customers maintained on a database, Event Horizon offers a series of sophisticated, customized "E-Tools." Event Horizon E-Tools already form the hub of small business servicing physicians, IP telephony sales, and more.

As testament to our services, the long Event Horizon client list includes Newsweek, Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center, Avon Books, Tools for Health, a company that delivers web access to MDs, and Divorce Central, the largest divorce community on the Internet.

Finally, and most significantly, Event Horizon is an idea incubator. Team members continue to germinate concepts and spawn Internet companies that now stand, fully realized, as independently funded entities of their own. Greatest success stories for members of the EH team include the eHealth technology company, Tools for Health, and the popular and widely used web community, Divorce Central. If you would like to hire our think tank as part of your brainstorming process or if you are interested in launching a prototype, in stealth mode, under the Event Horizon corporate umbella before moving to a free-standing company of your own, we offer those services as well.

Event Horizon principals --the backbone of the company-- include its two founders, Pamela Weintraub and Robert K.J. Killheffer. Both have worked on the World Wide Web since its pioneering days in the early 1990s, and have extensive background in web production, entrepreneurial idea incubation, Web community and events, and content creation, with a specialty in the sci-tech fields.

If you would like to learn more, you can reach us by email, at staff@eventhorizon.com or by phone at 914-238-2850.


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