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Mind, Brain, and Psychology

First Love Kick: Guess Who's Back?, Psychology Today 2006
Revolution for Two, Psychology Today 2011
Back to Birth, Omni, August 1989
Scentimental Journeys, Omni, April 1986
Memory Pharmaceuticals, HMS Beagle 2001
Masters of the Universe, Omni 1990
The Sexes and the Brain, Discover 1981
Life is But a Dream, Omni 1989
New Therapy for Autism, Discover 1981
The Healer Within, Experience Life 2009
Bruce Ogilvie: Founder of Sports Psychology, Omni 1987
The New Survivors, Psychology Today 2009
Dreaming for Dollars, Omni 1993
Altered Fates: Kay Jamison Q&A, Discover 2007
Unusual Suspects, Psychology Today 2007
Allergic to Love,Tango 2007
The Great Imitator,Psychology Today 2008
Healer Within, Experience Life, 2009
The Autism Puzzle, Experience Life, 2011
Jaak Panksepp, The Rat Tickler, Discover 2012
Living light: divesting life's junk, Psychology Today, 2013
How to grow up, Psychology Today, 2013
At home in the liminal world, Nautilus, 2014

Health & Biomedicine

Finding the Fountain of Youth, My Generation 2001
Olympic Shame, Penthouse 1984
Richard Cutler: Quest for Longevity, Omni 1986
How to Get Every Health Fact You'll Ever Need, Redbook 1997
Are Natural Cures a Prescription for Danger?, Redbook 1995
Fatal Food, Redbook, July 1994
The Healthiest Diet in the World, McCall's 1992
The Agent Orange Mystery, Omni 1982
Anti-Aging Medicine, Newsweek International 2002
Tick Menagerie, HMS Beagle 2001
Breaking the Flat Barrier with Microgravity, HMS Beagle 2001
Be Prepared?: Precautions Against Bioterrorism , Salon 2001
Food as Foe: The Food Allergy Debate, Eating Well 1994
High-Octane Edibles, Health 1986
Ultra Sports, Omni 1985
Body and Seoul, Omni 1988
Personal Best: The Science of Athletic Perfection, Racquet 1988
Natural Cures that Really Work, Redbook 1996
What We Don't Know About Lyme, Experience Life 2009
Conquer headaches, Experience Life, 2010
Power of B vitamins, Experience Life, 2010
Intuitive eating, Experience Life, 2010
Miracle molecule:CoQ10, Experience Life, 2010
The other drug problem, Experience Life, 2011
Wake-Up call: Controversy over cell phones&health, Experience Life, 2011
The debate about flu shots, Experience Life, 2012
Your microbiome: The ecosystem inside, Experience Life, 2013
Integrative Oncology, Experience Life, 2013
The healing power of sleep, Experience Life, 2013
Autoimmunity in a New Vein , HMS Beagle 2001
Rusting from Within: The Dark Side of O2, HMS Beagle 2001
Sticky Business: The New Antibiotics, HMS Beagle 2001
The Pig Cell Cure for Parkinson's, HMS Beagle 2001
Elixirs of Youth, Omni 1986
Medical Mystery, Discover 2007
The New Have Nots: When Health Insurance Fails MAMM 2006
Are We Overtreating Breast Cancer? MAMM 2006
Ovarian Cancer Finds a Voice MAMM 2006
Vaccines for Cancer MAMM 2005
Exercise Revolution, MAMM 2007
Information Your Way, MAMM 2007
Robert Lanza: The Real Good Will Hunting, Discover 2008
Synthetic Life, Discover 2010
Barry Marshall Q&A, Discover 2010

Nature, Evolution & Species

Back from the Brink: Cloning Endangered Species , HMS Beagle, 2001
The Coming of the High Tech Harvest, Audubon, July-August 1992
Natural Direction, Omni, October 1991
John Todd: Ocean Arks, Omni, August 1984
Cyril Ponnamperuma: Seeds of Life, Omni Interviews, 1984
Jonas Salk: The New Epoch, Omni Interviews, 1984
Computers Redux,Audubon, June 1993
Animals in Exile, Omni, April 1991
Vaccines Go Wild, Audubon, January-February 1993
Plant Revolution, Omni, April 1982
The Exotic Fish Trade: An Environmental Rip-Off, Science World 1979
Is Success Spoiling Our National Parks?, Science World 1979
Sean Carroll: The Master of Evo Devo, Discover 2009
Walter Alvarez: Big History, Discover 2009
Arctic Undone, Discover 2010
The Dead Sea Lives!, Nautilus, 2014

Technology, Physics & Cosmology

Shing-Tung Yau: Geometry of the Universe, Discover 2010
Raising the Robot's IQ, Discover, June 1981.
3G: The Coming Revolution in Wireless, Newsweek International, 2002
1,2,3 G! Evolutions, Newsweek International, 2002
The 3G Solution, Newsweek International, 2002
Hans Bethe: Nuclear Demons, Nuclear Dreams, Omni Interviews, 1984
Gerard K. O'Neill: Cosmic Colonies, Omni Interviews, 1984
Edward Teller: Beyond the H-Bomb, Penthouse, February 1984
A New Kind of Sea Power, Discover, April 1981
Electronic Vistas in the Cockpit, Discover, May 1981
Wired for Sound, Discover, December 1980
Splitting Water, Discover, February 1981
Challenge and Response, Omni, January 1991
Room Temperature Superconductors, Tech Update, 1978
Robot Factory, Tech Update, 1978

Speculation & Anomalies

Evolution's Child, Omni, August 1983
Hiss of the Fireball, Omni, April 1985
Missing Time, Omni, December 1987
Brian Josephson: Universal Mind, Omni Interviews, 1984
J. Allen Hynek: Writing the Blue Book on Ufology, Omni, February 1985
J. Allen Hynek: Passage, Omni, July 1986
Man 50 Million A.D., Omni, November 1982
Project Open Book, Omni, November 1994
In Advance of the Landing: Folk Concepts of Outer Space, Omni 1985
Future Fashion, Omni, May 1982


Be afraid of Lyme disease CNN, 2013
Mother Love, Omni, June 1982
The Impostor Phenomenon, Omni, June 1985
Warning: Side Effects, American Health, April 1992
Amos Oz: Kibbutznik as Novelist, The Jewish Advocate, May 11 1978
Book Reviews: Superforce, Planiverse & More, Ms., June 1985

Net Prophets, Newsweek International, 1997-1998:
Financing the Net: A Guide to Venture Capital, November 1997
Investing in the Net: The Angels, January 1998
The Medical Web, April 1998
The Webzine Lives, May 1998
The Network of Everything, November 1998

Business in Cyperspace and Entertainment in Cyperspace, LA Times Syndicate. The two weekly columns were distributed to some 30 newspapers nationwide, includingThe New York Daily News, 1996-1997:
Spining Yarns on the Web,The New York Daily News, 1996
No Waiting to Ride the Wild Web Coaster, The New York Daily News, 1996
Click and You'll Be in Flick Heaven, The New York Daily News, 1996

Peak Performance , monthly for Longevity, 1987-1989.
Invention, monthly for Discover, 1980-1981.
Editorial Page, covered national and international issues in weekly editorials forThe Jewish Advocate, 1977-1978.

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